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St. Louis Financial Stress Index

When you teach, research and focus on a subject for a long time period you tend to build a fairly big bank of knowledge on certain topics that interest you. For me, the topics are statistics and computing in economics. What drives me is that, first, most of the interesting quantities that we deal with behave randomly. That is neat just by itself. The fact that we are trying to describe these random quantities is even neater. Second, in economics the use of the computer is now essential for mainly, I think, two reasons. First, empirical research requires the use of real-world data that needs to be analyzed and second, theoretical research often requires the use of simulated (fake) data that also needs to be analyzed.

Civilian Unemployment Rate

On this site I would like to share some of the knowledge that I have found useful in hope that this information can be used by students finishing their undergraduate degree in economics, students who are thinking of doing graduate studies in economics or by graduate students.

Please remember that I am an econometrician; so everything has some bias towards econometrics and data.

If you find this information useful, please share it and if you use some of the information on this cite, please cite it.